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Operating Table C-Arm Compatible (ST-510300)

Operating Table C-Arm Compatible (ST-510300)
Product code: ST-510300
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* Height, Backrest, Trendelenberg/Reverse, Lateral tilt adjustable by rotating crank
* Radiolucent table top
* Head, Backrest, Kidney, Trunk and Leg 5-Section tabletop
* Head, Backrest, Trunk and Leg 4-Section tabletop
* 5-Section seamless moulded mattress
* Supported on a heavy base column covered with stainless steel sheet
* Castors lockable with single action brake
* All stainless steel accessories

Anaesthetic Frame, Shoulder Support, Lateral Support,
Geopel Type Knee Crutches, Arm Board, Foot-rest

Orthopaedic Attachment for Lower Limbs & Hand Surgery, Neck Elevator, Shoulder Elevator, Kidney Bridge attachment, Horse Shoe Type Head Support, Mayfield Type Neuro surgery attachment, Drainage tray

 Technical Specification: ST 510300
 Table Top Length 2000 mm, Head Section Drawn-in
 Table Top Width 530 mm
 Table Height Adjustment Range 750 mm - 1000 mm
 Back Rest (Up/Down) 90? / 15?
 Head Section (Up/Down) 60? / 90?
 Trendelenberg 30?
 Reverse Trendelenberg 30?
 Leg Section (Detachable) UP 20?
 Leg Section (Detachable) DOWN 90?
 Lateral Tilt (Left/Right) 20?
 Load Capacity 150 kg

* Sliding Top - 250 mm
* Perineal cut-out
* Leg-section in two parts

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