Electrosurgical Unit Euro 400 DX High Level Performance & Safty (Euro 400 DX)


- Precise Cutting
- Auto Bipolar
- Sure Coagulation
- Audio, Visual Indicators

Providing Solution to Modern Surgery

* Microprocessor controlled real digital output display in all modes
* Feather touch switches for selector and intensity control
* Audio (adjustable) and visual indicators for all modes and functions , Different audible signals for each mode
* Modern ergonomic design with easy to clean elegant plastic body
* Standard colour coded front panel
* Spray and Auto Coagulation
* Compatible with SURGICOIN Smoke evacuator unit

Advanced Performance Features

Three cutting modes :

* Pure cut : Suitable for Underwater cutting (TURP,TUVP and TCRE) with rapid start option which eliminates the lag time in initial cut. Especially suited for Urological procedures
* Blend I : Preset Blend 1 option with change in degree of homeostatis suited for LLETZ / LEEP Gynae procedures
* Blend II : Preset Blend II mode allows for cutting and simultaneous coagulation

Three Coagulation Modes :
* Soft Mode : For low voltage coagulation , suitable for Laproscopic and delicate tissue work
* Forced Mode : This operating mode covers all the demands of standard coagulation. The surgeon can work quickly and effectively
* Spray Mode : For non-contact large tissue area coagulation with minimum depth of necrosis

Three Modes :
* Micro
* Macro
* Auto

Safety Features

* Independent activation of hand switch, foot switch and bipolar output to protect against inadvertent output from an idle accessory lying on or near the patient or surgical staff.
* Modular Circuitry helps in easy and efficient servicing of device in need
* Isolated RF output directs current to return back to the generator to reduce the risk of alternative site burns and to ensure patient safety in case of any discontinuity in patient plate cord. This current has no reference to ground so it does not cause noticeable interference with the ECG monitor, Cardiac pacemaker etc.
* Error messaging in case of Patient Plate misconnection. Give an audio/visual alarm

Standard Accessory

Technical Specification

Cut Micro Macro Crest Factor
Pure 30watt / 500ohms 400watt / 500ohms 1.5
Blend I 30watt / 300ohms 250watt / 300ohms 2.5
Blend II 30watt / 300ohms 200watt / 300ohms 3.0
Coag. Micro Macro Crest Factor
Soft 30watt / 100ohms 100watt / 300ohms 5.0
Forced 30watt / 100ohms 200watt / 300ohms 5.0
Spray 30watt / 100ohms 100watt / 300ohms 7.5
? Cut Coagulation Micro
Bipolar 80watt / 100ohms 80watt / 100ohms 30watt / 100ohms
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