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Foeto-Dopp-FD55 (Digital) (Dopp-FD55)

Foeto-Dopp-FD55 (Digital) (Dopp-FD55)
Product code: Dopp-FD55
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* State-of-the-art microprocessor electronics.
* Bright LED display to indicate the Beats-per-Minute (BPM).
* Digital display of volume level.
* Beat-to - beat monitoring of the Foetal Heart Rate (FHR) with HI/LO limit setting and audio-visual alarm to enable the user to take fast decisions in case of emergency.
* Works with rechargeable battery as well as mains.
* Can be used for detection of early foetal life or for the confirmation of continued foetal life in later pregnancy and during labor.
* Functions effectively even with obese patients or in case of hydramnios.
* Continuous Monitoring Belt can be provided for monitoring the FHR continuously at the time of labor.
* Portable rust proof ABS plastic-moulded cabinet.

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