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Operation Theatre Equipment Operating Lights

Shadowless Operation Theatre Light mobile single dome (SLP-310510)


* Excellent Shadowless Effect and Focusing Depth
* Complies the Laminar air flow in the operating room
* Blue Theca Plating Technology
* Stable Electric Performance
* Adjustable Intensity controller
* Back-up Bulb changeover system in case of main bulb failure
* High quality Spring Suspension Arm System for effortless adjustment
* Sterilizable handle

Technical Specification: SLP 310510
Dome Size 60 cm
Intensity 130,000 Lux
Reflector Multi-Faceted
Intensity Controller on the arm Yes
Twin Bulb System Yes
Colour Temperature 4300 ? 5% K
Heat rise from ambient 0-2?C
Field Diameter 12-28 cm
Working Distance 55-170 cm
Colour Rendering Index 96
Power Input 220-240 V-50 Hz


* SLP-310511
Battery Back-up power supply

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