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Sterilization Equipment Micro-Processor Based

Micro Processor Based Fully Automatic Autoclave/Steam Sterilizer



SURGICOIN Horizontal Rectangular Vaccum Sterilizer with Radially locking door is designed with advanced technology for the use in Hospitals, Pharmacy, Scientific and technological researching. The unit is based on Programmable microprocessor technology. Easy to use microprocessor control unit allows to program selection or to set the sterilization temperature and time.

Door with security interlock, sealed with silicon rubber durable gasket.

The control Panel includes LCD and digital display.

* Pressure safety valve and Pressure Controller Switch.
* Over temperature Protection.
* Electric overload Protection.
* Low water Protection Controller.
* Door with auto lock under pressure.

* Touch Screen display and operation
* Temperature range 100 ?C 135 ?C
* Pressure Range 15-32 psi or 1.05-2.25 Kg/sq.cm
* Control system PID Programmable Microprocessor
* Display TFT, LED and Analog
* Sterilization Timer 1-99 minutes
* Vaccum Drying Timer 5- 60 minutes
S.No. Model No. Volume Inner Chamber Electricity Comumption Net Wt.
1 SS-711250 250 Ltr (500x500x1000)mm 440V/50Hz 12 KW 700 Kg
  SS-711250-RO 250 Ltr (500x500x1000)mm 440V/50Hz 12 KW 800 Kg
2 SS-711435 435 Ltr (600x600x1200)mm 440V/50Hz 18 KW 850 Kg
  SS-711435-RO 435 Ltr (600x600x1200)mm 440V/50Hz 18 KW 950 Kg
3 SS-711800 800 Ltr (600x900x1500)mm 440V/50Hz 24 KW 1350 Kg
  SS-711800-RO 800 Ltr (600x900x1500)mm 440V/50Hz 24 KW 1450 Kg
4 SS-711950 950 Ltr (700x900x1500)mm 440V/50Hz 36 KW 1500 Kg
  SS-711950-RO 950 Ltr (700x900x1500)mm 440V/50Hz 36 KW 1600 Kg
5 SS-711111

Custom Made Size Option available



Also available with Pneumatic vertical sliding door.


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