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Mortuary Cabinet

Mortuary Cabinet
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SURGICOIN Mortuary Coolers are designed to be a reliable and durable part of Hospital Equipment. With Complete Knock Down Construction it can be easily assembled at site. Backed by SURGICOIN's decades of experience in Hospital Equipment.

* Temperature Range : 2? - 8? Celcius
* Hermetically Closed Hinged Doors for Low power Consumption and High efficiency
* Servo Controlled Voltage Stablizer (5 KVA) with Time Delay for complete peace of mind in case of power fluctuation.
* Pre-Engineered Polyurethane Foam Panels sandwiched in High quality SS sheets with total thickness of 60 mm for Excellent Insulation.
* All Stainless Steel Construction ,Completely Rust free
* Vapour Proof Incandescent Lamp Mounted glows on Door Opening

Mortuary Carriage :
Carriage is made of a three piece assembly which includes a stationary frame a lower carriage and upper carriage.

The lower carriage and upper carriage assemblies ride on wheels and tracks that allow easy telescopic action.

The complete assembly is automatically locked when returned to closed position.

Mortuary Tray :
One piece stainless steel tray (to accommodate a cadaver of max. 7 ft. length) with edge (16G) and handles on both ends (12G).

Refgrigeration system:
* Heavy duty self contained, compact and unitary type with hermitically sealed compressors with air-cooled refrigeration system and energy efficient machines capable of operation at 230V, 50Hz, 1PH, Ac supply.
* Thermostat controlled.
* Security locks to prevent unintentional switch off.
* Temperature performance in range 20C to 80C to ambient temperature of up to 400C
* Current Capacity: 6-15 amp; Refrigerant: R22
* Refrigeration capacity: At 400C at room temperature, 5000BTU/Hr
* Control system: Digital temperature indicator-cum-controller with PT-100 sensors, continuously monitors and displays the mortuary temperature.
* Alarm: Audio-visual alarm in case of temperature variation beyond limit due to power failure or any other reason.
* Thermometer: Dial type capillary thermometer.
MC-1B Mortuary Cabinet to store One Cadaver
MC-2B Mortuary Cabinet to store Two Cadaver
MC-4B Mortuary Cabinet to store Four Cadaver
MC-6B Mortuary Cabinet to store Six  Cadaver
MC-8B Mortuary Cabinet to store Eight Cadaver
MC-20B Mortuary Cabinet to store Twenty Cadaver
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