Pneumatic Hospital Transport System (PTS)

Pneumatic Hospital Transport System (PTS)
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Pneumatic Hospital transport system is an innovative means of transporting services in modern Hospitals. The System is designed for Indian conditions and assembled in India to meet up with rising demand in the country, considering the fact that such system are already indispensable in many hospitals internationally.

Pneumatic Hospital Transport Systems

With SURGICOIN Suntrans PTS laboratory samples, blood samples, drugs, injection vials, blood bags, Saline bags, disposables, X-ray films, Reports etc can be safely and speedily moved from one station to another e.g. from Hospitals stores to OT and vise versa. There is practically no limit on the number of stations that can be connected or the distance that it may need to be cover. With the PTS system installed in the Hospital, Critical patients and attending staff shall no more wait for staff to run over from place to place to perform errands and carry supplies.

SURGICOIN Suntrans PTS can be installed both at the construction stage or the operational stage of the Hospital. The tube system can be supported inside or the outside of the walls and can easily fit inside the false roofs, facades, chutes etc.

The configuration of the SURGICOIN Suntrans PTS system is tailormade and customerised according to number of stations required, distance between the various stations , provision for future upgrades etc. Computerized drawings of the Hospital are helpful in working out the correct logistics and estimates of the system.

Actual screenshots of the large LCD on each station

Technical Data:
* System components: Send/ Receive control Units, Air handling System, Pipe Transport system
* System operation: Fully automatic and computerized.
* Working principle: Pneumatic compression
* Operating Temperature range: -25deg to 60deg C
* Transmission Velocity: 2m to 8m /sec
* Transportation: Two way
* Outer diameter of Transport pipe: 160mm /110 mm
* Transport Pipe Color: Grey / Transparent
* Thickness of the transport pipe: 3.2 mm Approx.
* 2CAN-BUS bus communication technology with, communication rate of 10Mbps
* Display on Control units: 5.7 inch Backlit LCD.
* Noise level at Air handling unit: Less than 60dB
* Power connection required: 3 phase, 3.5 KW -18KW depending upon the configuration

SURGICOIN Suntrans PTS: Innovative and Unique
* Automatic return of empty carrier capsules
* 24 X 7 easy to use operation with minimal familiarization time.
* Programmable station priority
* CAN-BUS Communication , a technology from which our peers are far behind
* 5.7? Large LCD Display showing all the nodes and their interconnection
* Indication of name of the department instead of number for ease of use
* Notification of error in one nodes to all connected nodes
* Noiseless transport operation
* Programmable transport speeds as per choice
* Completely collision proof transport
* Stable and Smooth Delivery.
* No gas leakage, gas pollution
* Transport History of selectable period
* Unique Air Isolation system to prevent cross contamination
* Expandable System configuration

Other Applications
* Banks
* Pharmacies
* Industries
* Jewellery Showrooms

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