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High Pressure Horizontal Gylindrical Steam Sterilizer (SS-702176)


* High Grade strong Stainless Steel, Triple walled construction
* Positive radial self-locking safety doors
* Complete sterilizing cycle is controlled by means of ?Multiport Valve?
* Hydrostatically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working Pressure
* Sealed with Neoprene/Silicon long-lasting and durable Gasket
* Analog display for Jacket and Chamber pressure & temperature
* Outer Jacket insulated to prevent heat loss.
* Mounted on tubular Mild Steel frame with ground leveling flanges.
* Working Temperature 134?C -2.1 bar
* Power Supply : 440 V,3 Phase

High Speed And High Vacuum
Model Size Chamber Dimension
SS-702075 75 Lt 400 x 600 mm
SS-702175 115 Lt 400 x 900 mm
SS-702138 138 Lt 400 x 1100 mm
SS-702176 176 Lt 500 x 900 mm
SS-702215 215 Lt 500 x 1100 mm
SS-702485 485 Lt 750 x 1100 mm

Safety Features:

* Pressure Safety
(i) Spring Loaded safety valve
(ii) Dead Weight Valve
(iii) Pressure Controller
* Temperature Controller
* Low Water Cut-off with water indicator
* Plug Screen
* Vacuum Breaker.

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